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Although Louisiana State University provides Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design as fields of study, the College of Art and Design students, in their respective disciplines, do not interact with each other outside of an academic environment. As architecture students, we find that communicating with other art and design students proves difficult because we share no common classes or programs. Our vision for Alpha Rho Chi on Louisiana State University’s campus is to become the connecting factor among the allied arts, which will ultimately promote a prominent studious environment within the college of Art and Design. We believe that if a student’s knowledge is limited to only his or her respective major, he or she is missing vital networking opportunities, information, and most importantly, comprehension of design as wholistic approach. In order to share ideas and common interests, networking and inter-disciplinary learning both play a vital in the art and design community. Our organizing committee believes that Alpha Rho Chi will offer LSU Art and Design students an opportunity to meet over common interests, such as the professional field, appreciation for the arts, and a further understanding of the built environment.









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Membership Benefits include a strong connection network to the architectural/design professional field, social and group bonding events, workshop and group study sessions, a sense of community and backbone within the College of Art and Design.

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