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Coalition of Black Women in Engineering aims to inspire and uplift young black women and girls to pursue engineering and create a positive impact on the community.

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On behalf of the Coalition of Black Women in Engineering (CBWE) at LSU, we welcome you into our new organization and express our extreme gratitude for you interest in supporting CBWE. CBWE LSU was founded October of 2021 and it is one of the newest and fastest organization in the College of Engineering at Louisiana State University (LSU). CBWE serves a very special group of minority students; while Black Women are recognized as the minority who seeks college degrees, nationally only 3.2 percent of African American express interest in engineering majors, compared to the 14.6 percent of black males. It is inevitable that such low representation numbers result in challenges of these young women. CBWE's mission is two pronged: One, is to promote engineering majors among Black Women. And two, to provide a venue and safe space for the mentorship, support and growth of Black Women pursuing engineering degrees.

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Halle Roach

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Jaliyah Hoyt

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Asia Roubion

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Nnenna Eke

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Cameron Bonds

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