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ChEGSA serves to support the graduate students of the Department of Chemical Engineering at LSU. Its purpose shall include the following: A. Social Events - The organization shall organize social events for the graduate student body of the Department. These events shall include, but shall not be limited to, a social event in the fall semester welcoming new graduate students, and social events in the spring corresponding to the recruitment of prospective graduate students. B. Intellectual Development – ChEGSA shall further advance the intellectual development of the graduate students by coordinating a Seminar Series, in which graduate students, or faculty, or prospective faculty, or guest speakers will present on their research to the rest of the graduate student body and any faculty who choose to attend. C. Networking – The graduate students of the Department will greatly benefit from increased opportunities to network, whether with industry, national laboratory, or academic researchers. ChEGSA will facilitate the networking by strengthening ties between the Department and alumni of the department who earned their advanced degrees in Chemical Engineering. Additionally, the organization shall communicate to the group when fellow members are presenting their research at conferences. D. Recruiting – The Department as a whole benefits from enhanced efforts devoted to recruiting the best possible future graduate students. In this spirit, ChEGSA shall work to promote the research of the Department and help the faculty and staff in directing the recruiting efforts.









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