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Thinking about a career in the medical field? Have you thought of becoming an optometrist? Do you know their scope of practice? The Pre-Optometry Association is here to answer any of your questions about the world of optometry. Learn more about the unexpected advantages of the profession and how to become a competitive applicant to optometry programs all around the country. Our meetings always host representatives from different optometry colleges to give the members up-to-date requirements and information about their programs. Moreover, we also invite guest speakers who are local optometrists to come and share their stories and experiences in the profession.









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The club provides members with accurate supporting materials from former members who are now students of different optometry programs. We also connect members with job opportunities at local optometry practices to help members earn more experience to add to their resumes. Whether you need help with writing your personal essay, applying on OptomCas, or preparing for an interview, this organization is here for you!

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