About Us

The Small and Exotic Animal Club is established for developing an awareness of the small and exotic animal science and the human role we play in the animal kingdom.

Members Benefits

1. An opportunity for LSU students, faculty, and staff (as well as others) to learn more about small and exotic animal science
2. Hands-on, animal-related learning experiences through site visits and live demonstrations by professionals in the small and exotic animal industry
3. Facilitated relationship-building between students, professionals, and faculty of similar interests in animal science
4. Animal-related volunteer opportunities and outreach to the local community
5. Career skills that will be helpful to succeed in any small or exotic animal career post-college graduation

Events & Activities

Monthly meetings on Tuesdays 6:00-7:00 pm in Tureaud Hall Room 120. Join us on our Club Outings! :D

Hands-on Activities

Animal-related learning experiences and service opportunities.


Meeting new students with shared interest

E: seacoflsu@gmail.com

Small and Exotic Animal Club

Tureaud Hall Room 120
Baton Rouge LA 70803